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    We Provide

    Alfa Chemistry is your one-stop-shop laboratory to offer nutrition fact labels services that will meet the new guidelines of Food and Drug Administration.

  • Karl Fischer (KF) Moisture Testing
    We Provide

    Karl Fischer (KF) Moisture Testing

  • Product Compliance Services
    We Provide

    Product Compliance Services

  • Analysis and Testing Services

    Analysis and Testing Services

    We will do everything we can to meet your expectations.
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  • Alfa Chemistry is your perfect partner
    Alfa Chemistry is your perfect partner

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  • Focus On Your Innovation

    Focus On Your Innovation

    Leave Materials Testing and Characterization to Us.

Our Industries

Textile testing, equiped with industry-leading equipment and high-caliber personnel, is one of the most advantageous testing programs of Alfa Chemistry. Our textile testing center has 9 laboratories, including fiber testing laboratory, yarn testing laboratory, fabric testing laboratory, standard laboratory, ecological testing laboratory, biochemical laboratory, textile color fastness and fabric structural stability testing laboratory, which can provide complete physical testing, chemical testing, functional testing, flammability testing and care label testing services for the whole supply chain.


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