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Spent Catalyst Treatment Service

Spent Catalyst Treatment Service

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Why dispose of spent catalyst?

In the process of refining petroleum into clean fuels and many other valuable products, solid catalysts containing metals, metal oxides or sulfides play an important role and become solid waste after use. In many refineries, spent catalysts discarded from hydrotreating units constitute the main part of these solid wastes. Due to its hazardous nature and toxic chemical content, the treatment of spent hydroprocessing catalysts needs to comply with strict environmental regulations.

With the increase in the use of catalysts, the renewal of catalysts has also been accelerated, and the disposal of spent catalysts has become increasingly prominent. This is not just an economic issue, but also an issue of environmental protection and the reuse of human resources. The reasonable disposal of spent catalysts can not only increase the utilization rate of limited resources, but also solve the environmental pollution problem of spent catalysts and achieve sustainable social development.

What can we do?

Alfa Chemistry Catalysts can provide waste catalyst treatment services, such as metal recycling, catalyst regeneration and reuse, to help customers improve the cost-effectiveness of catalyst use, and at the same time solve the environmental problems of waste catalysts. Our goal is to provide a commercially competitive recycling program and emphasize environmentally sound management.

Spent catalyst recycling service

Spent Catalyst Treatment Service

  • We can recover valuable metals such as Pt, Pd, Au, Rh, Ru, Co, Al, Re, Ni and Cu in spent catalysts.
  • Many recovered metals are returned to the industry in the form of high-purity raw materials, thus closing the circulation loop.
  • The choice of waste catalyst recycling method is based on a comprehensive decision on the composition, content, carrier type, value of the recycled material, recovery rate, enterprise equipment and technical capabilities, and recycling costs of the catalyst. The main methods for extracting valuable metals from spent catalysts containing metal components are: dry method, wet method, and dry-wet combined method.
  • If you are interested in detailed waste catalyst treatment technology, please click here to learn more about spent catalyst recycling technology.

Spent catalyst regeneration service

  • Spent catalysts are recycled and reused in the production of high-quality metal salts for final applications, including new catalyst production, pigment and CO2 removal processes.
  • We can handle various types and forms of other non-ferrous secondary metals, including fine powder, slag, residue, sludge, ash, etc., including but not limited to Co, Cu, Mo, Ni, V, W, Zn.
  • Alfa Chemistry Catalysts helps users solve environmental problems, improves metal recycling rate, saves costs, and contributes to green chemicals and circular economy.
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