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Precious Metal Catalyst

Precious Metal Catalyst

Precious metal catalysts receive a great deal of application in numerous catalytic reaction systems owing to their good property of high catalytic activity, embracing both industrial reactions for the large-scale synthesis of commodity chemicals of global importance, as well as reactions that play a critical role in environmental protection and energy generation systems.

Among the precious metals catalysts, the platinum group metals catalysts especially ruthenium, rhodium, palladium, and platinum metals catalysts are commonly and pioneer used, because platinum group metal catalysts have the ability to catalyze reactions with higher selectivity under milder conditions as compared to other metals and they have high stability in various oxidation states and wider functional-group tolerance. Alfa Chemistry can offer the products with high quality and related technical advices and services that drive customer success.

Palladium Products

Catalog Product name CAS number Physical state Metal content Inquiry
ACM10102053-1 Palladium Nitrate Solution 10102-05-3 Solution 18.0%Inquiry
ACM68413683-1Tetraammine Palladium(II) Hydroxide Solution 68413-68-3 Solution 10.0%Inquiry
ACM3375313Palladium(II) Acetate 3375-31-3 Solid 47.5%Inquiry
ACM13820536-1Sodium Tetrachloro Palladium(II) Crystals 13820-53-6 Solid 36.2%Inquiry
ACM72287264-1Pd (dppf) Chloride(II) 72287-26-4 Solid 14.5%Inquiry
ACM14024614-2Palladium(II) Acetylacetonate 14024-61-4 Solid 9.2%Inquiry

Rhodium Products

Catalog Product name CAS number Physical state Metal content Inquiry
ACM26105497-1 Rhodium(III) Acetate Solution 26105-49-7 Solution 14.0%Inquiry
ACM73482969-2Rhodium(II) Octanoate 73482-96-9 Solid 26.4%Inquiry
ACM17185294-1 HRh(CO)(PPh3)3 17185-29-4 Solid 11.2% Inquiry

Platinum Products

Catalog Product name CAS number Physical state Metal content Inquiry
ACM68133904Platinum Ethanolammine Solution 68133-90-4 Solution 12.0%Inquiry
ACM18496407-1 Pt-Nitrate Solution 18496-40-7 Solution 10.0%Inquiry
ACM52438263-1 Dihydrogen Hexahydroxyplatinum(IV) 52438-26-3/
Solid 65.2%Inquiry
ACM68478922-21,3 Divinyl- 1,1,3,3,Tetramethyldisiloxane Platinum(0) Karstedt's Catalyst 68478-92-2 Suspension 2.0% Inquiry
ACM14286023-1Dinitrodiammineplatinum(II) in NH3 14286-02-3 Solution 15.0% Inquiry
ACM68585320-3 Tetramethyl Tetravinyl Cyclotetrasiloxane Platinum(0) Ashby's Catalyst 68585-32-0 Solution 2.0%Inquiry

Ruthenium Products

Catalog Product name CAS number Physical state Metal content Inquiry
ACM17001795-1 Sodium Ruthenate Solution 17001-79-5 Solution 5.0%Inquiry
ACM14284936-4 Tris(2,4-Pentanedionato) Ruthenium(III) 14284-93-6 Solid 25.4%Inquiry

Molybdenum Products

CatalogProduct nameCAS numberPhysical stateMetal contentInquiry
ACM-MNMo-Ni Catalyst--Solid--Inquiry
ACM-MCCMo-Co Catalyst--Solid--Inquiry
ACM-MCRMo-Co Catalyst--Solid--Inquiry

Alfa Chemistry can offer the precious metal catalyst especially platinum group metals catalysts and related technical advices and services for use in a variety of catalysis applications, please don't hesitate to contact us if you are in need of assistance.

Precious Metal Catalyst

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