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Primary Reforming Catalysts

Steam reforming is the key process in the formation of synthesis gas for ammonia, methanol and hydrogen production. ALCC-PRC11/12 primary steam-reforming catalysts have more reasonable outer appearance structure to improve strength and outer surface area, more reasonable micro pore structure to improve the effective utilization of inner surface area. Adding rare earth as promoter to advance catalyst activity at low temperature and anti-carbon formation ability.

Primary Reforming Catalysts

Form-73: 7-hole cylinders with alveolus sides and convex ends.
-60: 6-hole cylinders convex ends.
-54: 5-hole cylinders with alveolus sides and convex ends.
-40(K): 4-hole cylinders convex ends.
Size, mmΦ 16-17×16-17Φ 16-17×8-10
Hole diameter, mm3-3.53-3.5
Bulk density, kg/L0.9-1.150.9-1.10
Crush strength, N/Gr≥300≥250
Range of feedstocksNatural gas, LPG, naphthaNatural gas, LPG, naphtha
NiO %≥14≥14
Inlet temp. ℃430-650430-650
Outlet temp. ℃650-980650-980
Pressure, MPa0-50-5
Steam: Carbon ratio2.5-5.02.5-5.0
ALCC-PRC11/12 catalyst shapes for customer solutions.

Alfa Chemistry is a professional supplier of primary reforming catalysts. We work together with our customer to develop the specifically required products and then offer catalysts in lab quantities up to large-scale production. For high quality products, professional technical service, and use suggestion, please feel free to contact us.

※ Please kindly note that our services are for research use only.

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