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Catalyst Handing Service

Catalyst Handing Service

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Due to the increasing demand for polymer-based materials, liquid fuels and other substances in the construction, automotive, aerospace, defense, textile and other sectors, petroleum refining is the largest market. In addition, there is a growing demand for catalyst handing services to ensure the highest level of safety and efficiency when loading and unloading reactors, as well as the use of specific technologies to treat pyrophoric catalysts. We meet challenges by negotiating with customers to provide professional solutions.

Our Services

Our service business covers many aspects. Alfa Chemistry Catalysts provides professional catalyst loading and unloading services. Catalyst loading is the process of transferring the catalyst from the ground to the inside of the reactor. Catalyst unloading is the process of unloading spent catalysts through appropriate operating procedures, such as checking for hot spots, coke formation, and checking for pollution.

  • Assist in designing the loading scheme
  • With extensive experience and powerful simulation programs, we can help you optimize for specific designs and situations.

  • Loading assistance
  • The most important step in catalyst replacement is the loading of new catalysts, which will directly affect the life of the catalyst and the operation of the reactor. The careful loading of the catalyst is very important for the efficient operation of the plant. We provide fast and accurate loading services, which can usually shorten the overhaul period to just a few days.

  • Differential pressure checking
  • After loading catalysts, the pressure drop and density will be measured and corrected where necessary. In order to ensure the uniformity of the catalyst bed, the pressure drop of each tube will be measured.

  • Continuous technical support
  • When the catalyst is loaded, our service is not over. You will receive continuous first-class technical service every time the catalyst is replaced and re-run to ensure that the loaded catalyst is optimally utilized during the entire operation.

  • Unloading service
  • The most effective catalyst unloading system is to use vacuum suction. Compressed air will loosen the catalyst, and then use vacuum for suction. If customers need, we not only provide catalyst unloading, but also provide catalyst dust removal, screening, weighing and packaging services.

Reasons For Choose Us

  • Reduce customer production costs
  • Our catalyst loading service can help customers minimize costly turnaround time, ensure maximum catalyst performance, maximize catalyst life, increase production, and reduce costs.

  • Fast and reliable delivery
  • Even in emergency situations, we can provide maximum flexibility to meet your catalyst needs.

  • Safety and quality commitment
  • The right people use the right tools, under the leadership of senior management, to realize our commitment to zero harm and high-quality results.

※ Please kindly note that our services are for research use only.

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