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High Throughput Catalyst Testing Service

High Throughput Catalyst Testing Service

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Why Choose HTCT?

If your catalyst project needs to evaluate a large number of parameters, and the development and optimization of the catalyst requires a large number of experimental tests, then the High Throughput Catalyst Test (HTCT) service is your best choice.

One of the greatest advantages of HTCT is that it greatly reduces the time required to develop or optimize a catalyst. The traditional strategy of evaluating catalysts one at a time is inefficient and resource intensive. Performing one experiment at a time limits creativity and the ability to quantify the variability and data quality encountered in daily operations. High-throughput, or more precisely, miniaturized parallel catalyst testing, alleviates this situation to a certain extent; the more reactors, the more ideas that can be tested, automation reduces variability, and miniaturization maximizes Land has reduced investment and operating costs.

Our Services

  • Alfa Chemistry Catalysts can tailor parallel high-throughput catalyst tests for each development stage (from early discovery to commercial evaluation) according to the customer's catalyst development goals. Combined with our expertise in the field of catalysts, we always pay attention to small changes in catalyst behavior and are committed to providing customers with reliable, accurate and repeatable data.
  • Our high-throughput testing system, including fixed bed flow and batch testing, can be used in all stages of catalyst development. According to the requirements of customer, we can formulate a feasible operation plan, optimize experimental design and data mining, and the project duration can range from a few weeks to a multi-year plan.
  • As a part of HTCT, high throughput catalyst screening (HTCS) is also included in our service ranges. HTCS has been widely used in synthesis, characterization and screening technologies in the field of heterogeneous and homogeneous catalysis to accelerate the discovery and development process. For details of HTCS service, please click here to learn more.

Application of HTCT

In the field of heterogeneous catalysts, the best application of HTCT may be catalyst screening and identification, which is usually applied in different stages of technological development, such as the preliminary screening and secondary screening stages of catalyst development in the pharmaceutical industry. In addition, it can also play an important role in the stages of process parameter optimization, kinetic modeling and mechanics research, catalyst deactivation and life.

High Throughput Catalyst Testing ServiceFigure 1. Flow chart of a multi-channel reactor. [1]

Our Abilities

TypeReactor configuration Application Examples
Trickle-flow, heavy feedMax. 4×4Hydrotreating
Gas phaseMax. 4×16Fischer Tropsch
Methane Activation
Ethane conversion
CO2 valorization
Selective hydrogenation
Selective Oxidation
Trickle flow / Gas phase, light feedMax. 4×4Naphtha Reforming
Transalkylation (low sulfur feeds)
Batch Parallel ReactorsMax. 6×12Hydrogenation


  1. G. Morra. (2008). "High-throughput gas phase transient reactor for catalytic material characterization and kinetic studies." Chemical Engineering Journal, 138(1-3): 379-388.
※ Please kindly note that our services are for research use only.

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