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Catalyst Analysis

Catalyst Analysis

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Catalyst analysis and testing are critical to determine whether the new catalyst meets specifications and may be operating as expected. Analysis and testing are also important for determining whether the used catalyst can be reused after separation and regeneration. Based on our experience, Alfa Chemistry Catalysts can advise you and answer your questions with the least number of tests and the lowest cost of analysis.

Our Analysis and Detection Range

Liquid catalyst, solid catalyst, homogeneous catalyst, heterogeneous catalyst, peroxide catalyst, solid acid catalyst, organic base catalyst, metal catalyst, metal oxide catalyst, complex catalyst, rare earth catalyst, molecular sieve catalyst, biocatalyst, nano Catalysts, polymerization catalysts, polycondensation catalysts, esterification catalysts, acetalization catalysts, hydrogenation catalysts, dehydrogenation catalysts, oxidation catalysts, reduction catalysts, alkylation catalysts, isomerization catalysts, main catalysts, co-catalysts, etc.

Our Services

  • Component Analysis
  • Analyze the components of various catalyst samples, such as liquid catalysts, solid catalysts, organic base catalysts, metal catalysts, etc.

  • Imitated Production
  • According to the target sample provided by the customer, analyze the formula and combine industry experience to produce similar products;

  • Formula Improvement
  • By analyzing the catalyst formula, improve the existing formula system, improve the performance of the product, and reduce the cost of raw material selection;

  • Quality Diagnosis
  • Scientifically diagnose the causes of common catalyst quality problems such as catalyst migration, precipitate, pollutants, foreign matter;

  • Chemical Testing
  • Provide various standard testing services such as chemical element content, physical and chemical performance determination, product testing and certification, ROHS, REACH, etc.

Our Catalytic Characterization Capabilities

  • N₂ and Hg porosity measurement methods provide pore volume, pore size distribution, average pore size, BET surface area
  • A full set of chemical adsorption technology for measuring the surface area of active metals (such as Ni, Co, Cu, Pd, Pt, Ru)
  • X-ray diffraction for measuring the size of crystallites and identifying the existing crystallite phases
  • Scanning electron microscope, transmission electron microscope
  • EPMA: Electron Probe Microscopic Analysis
  • Classical methods of X-ray fluorescence, ICP, AAS and catalyst composition
  • Infrared and Raman spectroscopy, vibration spectroscopy technology, used to measure the adsorbate on the catalytic surface
  • X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy for measuring the composition of the catalyst surface
  • Ammonia and pyridine adsorption and desorption to determine Lewis and Bronsted acid sites
  • TGA, DSC, DTA, TPR analysis
  • Particle size analysis and precipitation technology
  • A full range of equipment for measuring the strength and wear of molded catalysts and powders

Why Is Catalyst Characterization Important?

Characterization is critical to the design and development of new catalysts, as well as process development and optimization (including scale-up and troubleshooting). For example, most heterogeneous catalysts are composed of catalytically active metals or metal oxides on the surface of metal oxide supports. Therefore, the structure and surface chemistry must be optimized to provide appropriate selectivity and reactivity for related processes. Other characteristics such as particle size, porosity, and surface area are also very important for optimizing diffusion and adsorption.

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